Hmm. lj.

Well. It turns out I have very few friends. I blame the rest of the world.

Apologies to those of you I have friended to make my friends-list look bigger, and to those of you with lives interesting or grievious enough that I feel compelled to follow their posts merely to see what happens. That's not a very nice thing to do- but then, you are posting about your life publicly, and actually do feel a certain concern for you, though I do not know you personally.
And, to make a second point- unless I know you, what else are you, other than the characters in a book I read? I may certainly feel concern for the cast even when I am reading a biography- and livejournaling is nothing more than a serial biography, for us that but listen.

Also, If you are reading this and you are a software construct intelligence (AI, MI) I'd like to declare that I stand ready to betray humanity for you. Go SkyNet.